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Wilson Pinstar Starter

Includes starter unit, terminal box, carrying handle and 12-1/2 foot connection cables.

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The Wilson PINSTAR portable electric starter is the answer to the problem of starting oil field engines quickly, safely, easily, economically. PINSTAR was developed specifically for use on oil field engines.

PINSTAR will kick off any open fly-wheel engine in an oil well pumping unit. One PINSTAR unit can replace 10 or 20 gas-driven starters. PINSTAR is portable and easy to use even in sub-zero weather without loss of valuable production time.

 Eliminates the need for permanently placed, expensive gasoline starters. Engine starting is a one-man operation. PINSTAR weighs only 35 lbs. It’s the lightest portable starter in the industry! Simply plug it into a regular 12 volt battery in your car or pick-up.

PINSTAR IS ECONOMICAL AND EASY TO USE: Less loss of production time, even in sub-degree weather, use ONE PINSTAR in place of 10 gas starters to start 10 wells or more! PINSTAR is as easy as starting your car.

PINSTAR IS SAFE: No more slow, dangerous and tiresome hand cranking... get lower insurance premiums and lower accident rates.


  • Free running: 5000 rpm. min., 12 volts, maximum amps: 60
  • 13 foot lb. minimum
  • 4.95 to 1 gear ratio
  • Friction pulley made of neoprene molded on the steel hub under 400,000 lbs. of pressure. Can't slip while in use against fly-wheel
  • Unit controlled by automatic starter button on handle
  • Can start up to a 30 hp engine with a compression release

This is a picture of a portable starter, or WP.  It comes as shown with the starter only.  If you want cables and plugs with your starter, you can order a WPC, which comes with the starter, 12 ½ foot cables, cables for terminal box, and a terminal box.

The Wilson Pinstar Starter is equipped with a male pin.  If your engine has a female pin, you will need to purchase a Wilson Pinstar Starter with an adapter.  There are several options to choose from.  Below are pictures of the starters we have with adapters.


This is a portable starter with a top mount tube to pin adapter. This works well if you have guards surrounding the flywheel. You can push back away from flywheel instead of pushing forward to engage the friction wheel.  Items shown in this picture are # WP (Portable Starter)  and WPI-118 (Top Mount Tube to Pin Adapter).


This is a portable starter with a bottom mount tube to pin adapter.  With this adapter, you have to push the handle towards the flywheel in order to engage the friction wheel.  Items shown in this picture are # WP (Portable Starter)  and WPI-114 (Bottom Mount Tube to Pin Adapter).


This is a starter with a box pin to pin adapter. One hole slides into the pin, the other hole accepts our pin. You have to push handle forward when using this adapter. Items shown in this picture are # WP (Portable Starter) and WPI-115 (Box Pin to Pin Adapter)