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We strive to offer the best possible products at the most competitive
prices, offer the best service available, and maintain lasting relationships by meeting our customer's needs.

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Wilson Pinstar specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of our own products. For more than forty years we have provided the oil and natural gas industry with an efficient and affordable product line. That product line has grown somewhat since those early times but we are only getting better.

We are a small enough company to offer our customers personal attention but large enough to provide for your product needs.

If you have a special need, we will be happy to see if we can provide a solution. We appreciate your business.

Our Ongoing Concern for Our Customers:
Our position as a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable electric and gasoline starters in the oil and gas industries results from a commitment to our customers. We can assure our customers that we will provide the best quality products available. One thing never changes at Wilson Pinstar: our desire to exceed customer expectations.

We simply want to provide the best product at a competitive price for our customers now and in the future.


Ben Wilson
Owner / Wilson Pinstar, Inc.