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Wilson Pinstar now carries Happy Starter friction wheels with a 6x3x1 15/16” bore.  That’s in addition to our 6x3x1”, 6x3x1.25”, and 6x3x1.5” shaft bore.

Our durable wheels fit most any
brand of starters.  Order what you
need today.

We strive to offer the best possible products at the most competitive
prices, offer the best service available, and maintain lasting relationships by meeting our customer's needs.

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Pumpers know to rely on Wilson Pinstar starters. For more than forty years we have provided the oil and natural gas industries with efficient and affordable products that are designed to be rugged, economical, safe and dependable.

Wilson Pinstar, Inc. sells portable electric starters and stationary gasoline powered starters for oil field applications. We also sell 12 volt and 24 volt electrical plugs, receptacles, and cables to use with the portable electric starter and many other applications where 12/24 volt power is needed. We also produce products that interchange with other brands of starters. Our Happy wheels, Arrow-style wheels, receptacles (terminal boxes) and electrical plugs interchange with some other popular brands on the market.  Our terminal boxes and plugs are the best in the business. Our prices can’t be beat!

Wilson Pinstar, Inc. has earned the respect and confidence of countless customers industry-wide. We would like to earn your respect, too. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Turns ONE pumper into a
WHOLE CREW! Whether you have ten wells or twenty, you can start your pumps instantly with a PINSTAR Portable
Electric Starter.
Rugged, Safe, Quick, Economical...
all good reasons to use a Happy
Engine Starter.
Prevent accidents and
save on costs!

Wilson Pinstar provides quality parts for
different brands of starters like the Pinstar
Friction Wheel, Arrow style friction wheel,

and Happy wheel. We also manufacture
plugs, terminal boxes, terminals, and more. Visit
our parts page for more inform.